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Smiley Park Wholesale Mistletoe has been in the business of providing the highest quality wholesale mistletoe for 10 years.


We deliver only the very best fresh and preserved wholesale mistletoe to our customers.


Smiley Park Wholesale Mistletoe is pleased to offer the lowest wholesale mistletoe prices in the industry.


At Smiley Park Wholesale Mistletoe, we have the ability to tailor packaging and shipping to the specific needs of you and/or your customers.


We have the experience to handle large bulk orders and can manage delivery logistics to your final destination.


We are committed to providing exceptional, personalized customer service.

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Fresh Mistletoe

  •  Our mistletoe is harvested upon order to provide our customers with the freshest possible product.
  •  Fresh mistletoe is commonly a beautiful forest-green in color, but striking color variations can occur, adding visual interest to the product.
  •  Your mistletoe sprigs will measure 3-4” across and 5-7” in length.
  •  In order to provide the most visually eye-catching product, all extra debris is removed from the mistletoe prior to packaging, leaving our customers with nothing but a stunning product to offer to the consumer.
  •  Our transparent packaging and streamlined header cards allow your customers to view the entire product: no cardboard boxes to mask potential problems!
  •  Stored properly between 40-50 degrees, your mistletoe can last up to 3 – 4 weeks during your distribution cycle.

Preserved Mistletoe

  •  By taking advantage of the preserved option, 4 weeks extra shelf life can be added to your product.
  •  Preserved mistletoe is “painted.” While this lends uniformity to the mistletoe color, the green is slightly brighter than the natural color of the plant.
  •  Your mistletoe sprigs will measure 3-4” across and 5-7” inches in length.
  •  We offer the same quality packaging with the preserved option as with the fresh option.
  •  Preserved mistletoe is stored exactly the same way as fresh: between 40-50 degrees.

Packaged and Shipped to Your Specifications

At Smiley Park Wholesale Mistletoe, we will package your order to your specifications. We offer:

  •  Transparent, ventilated bags for each individual sprig
  •  UPC application
  •  Clip Strips
  •  Customized Case Packing


Whatever your shipping needs, we can meet them! We offer:

  •  Fedex shipping
  • Drop shipping to your customer
  •  Palletized shipments
  •  LTL Shipping

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